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The CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex workforce is committed to preserving the environment and quality of life in Southwest Louisiana. To maintain our environment, we strive to improve the water and air quality of our area through process improvements and projects. We work closely with Southwest Louisiana to help improve the quality of life within our communities. In the past few years, the CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex has implemented E-Recycle Day, a day when residents in Southwest Louisiana can dispose of electronic waste. Approximately 392 tons pounds of electronics have been collected and recycled since 2009.

To improve environmental awareness within the community, the CITGO Lake Charles Refinery sponsors Earth Day at a local elementary school, a day to recognize the importance of our earth and how to keep it clean. In addition, we participate in the Junior Team Green Exposition to promote the “Go Green” concept for 12 to 18 year olds.

In 2009, in recognition of our efforts to be a good steward of the environment, we were awarded first place in the waste recycling and reduction category by the Keep Louisiana Beautiful organization. We were also recognized by the City of Lake Charles and the Calcasieu Policy Jury for our waste recycling and reduction efforts within the community. We strive to improve the water and air quality of our area through process improvements and projects. Since 2007 we have reduced air emissions by about 47 percent and reduced water-usage by 69 percent, on a per-barrel basis.



As a responsible and conservative water consumer, the CITGO Lake Charles Manufacturing Complex has reduced water usage by 94 percent from 2005 to 2010 through water conservation initiatives within the refinery. These initiatives include recycling and reuse of water, when possible, through process design and controls. Our non-reuse water is discharged into the Calcasieu River after it is pretreated to stringent standards that are specified in our wastewater permit.



CITGO has a longstanding commitment to environmental stewardship and dedication to enhancing the communities it serves by conserving critical natural habitats, especially in Louisiana. As part of this effort, CITGO launched Caring for our Coast (CFOC) in 2014, an environmental campaign focused on Gulf Coast conservation and restoration in remembrance Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Originally intended as a year-long effort, CFOC has evolved into an ongoing, large-scale environmental restoration program including educational and volunteer efforts. CFOC also incorporates environmental projects in Texas and Illinois where CITGO has major operations.

The CITGO small grants programs support small local organizations and community groups, including the Nature Conservancy and Restore the Earth, to help restore the Gulf Coast in 2018 and beyond. Through CFOC 6,218 volunteers donated 25,287 hours in 250 restoration, conservation and education events in 2018. CITGO supported 11 non-profit organizations whose work resulted in 1,042 acres of land restored or enhanced; 106,282 trees, shrubs and grass plugs planted, 92,944 lbs. of trash collected and 279 miles of shoreline cleaned. In total, since 2014 when the program began, more than 13,000 CITGO and community volunteers have helped restore nearly 6,200 acres, planted more than 536,000 plants and collected more than 103,800 lbs. of trash from the environment.